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In order to ensure the normal operation of Party A’s machine and extend its service life, it is necessary to carry out a maintenance. Our company will carry out maintenance on Party A’s agreed equipment on site. The specific maintenance contents are as follows (Table 1)

Hydraulic part

  1. Check the hydraulic oil level. If the hydraulic oil is too little, fill it in time to avoid damaging the oil pump. 2. Clean the bottom of the oil tank. 3. Clean the oil filler;
  2. Check whether the hydraulic pipeline is unobstructed, whether there is aging and leakage;
  3. Check whether the pump works normally;
  4. Check whether the pressure values of the hydraulic unit are normal; 7. Check whether the pressure gauge connector is loose; 8. Check whether the hydraulic components are damaged; electrical part
  5. Clean the electric control cabinet;
  6. Check whether the heat dissipation state of the electrical cabinet is good; 3. Check whether the wiring terminals in the electrical cabinet are firm;
  7. Check whether the electrical components are damaged and whether the contacts are blackened, and replace them if necessary
  8. Check the aging condition of the power cord;
  9. Check whether the switch buttons work normally; 7. Check the temperature rise of the motor, check the heat dissipation; 8. Check and debug the CNC system, and upgrade the machine if necessary

(punching, shearing


  1. Check the wire insulation is good;
  2. Check the sharpness of the cutting edge of the shearer, if it is found that the cutting edge is blunt, grind or replace it in time; 3. Check whether the mold is firm;
  3. Check whether the machine tool fasteners are loose;
  4. Lubricate the joints and moving parts of punch, shearing machine and bending machine;
  5. Check whether the working pressure of punching, shearing and bending is normal;
  6. Check whether the fastening bolts are firm;
  7. Check the working performance of foot switch;

The busbar bending machine tool should be cleaned by external machine maintenance, and the worktable should be free of yellow robe and oil stain. Other faults should be checked and handled according to the response of the on-site operators