portable busbar machine tools DHY-150 copper bending cutting and punching machine


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portable busbar machine tools DHY-150 copper bending cutting and punching machine



This is a busbar bending machine professional design of a combination of multiple functions, perfect design, avoid manpower waste and saving working hours, the machine is easy to operate highly improve the working effency. The manual control directional valve can clearly deploy the functions of each working machine, and foot switch can be operated by same person. The whole set of equipment includes electric hydraulic pump, cutting machine, punching machine and bending machine.

1. overall modeling color bright, surface baking paint, and the phosphoric acid skin mold antirust treatment, wear-resistant and impact.
2. mirror surface of the working face, the desktop through grinding and chromium plating, presenting a precise and smooth working face.
3. Quartet valve control switch precision guide, correct use of punching machine, curved plate tool, cutting tool and hydraulic pressure embossing tool position.
4. safe and solid electric pump switch, which can control and return oil.
5. design of copper scrap integrated bag and opened his mouth and a chip outlet, the slide type can be cut, wear a copper scrap, not scattered and messy everywhere.
The bottom of the 6. product is equipped with a pulley, and the pulley is equipped with a foot switch so that the operator can move to the best work site and fix the product.
7. for the convenience of the operator, the product add a tool cabinet in the design, so that the tool storage, avoid misplacing and loss of tools.

NamePortable busbar machine(Combined type)
Maximum pressure of punching36 tons
Maximum thickness of punchingCopper:12mm, steel:10mm
Mould parameter3/8″(ф10.5mm2),1/2″(ф13.8mm2),5/8″(ф17.5mm2),3/4″(ф20.5mm2)
Maximum pressure of shearing30 ton
Maximum thickness of shearingCopper:12mm, steel:10mm
Maximum width of shearing200mm
functionHorizontal bend
Maximum pressure of bending30 ton
Maximum thickness of bendingCopper:12mm, steel:10mm
Maximum width of bending200mm
NameElectric pump
Maximum pressure70Mpa
minimum7 Mpa
Oil storage7L
High-Pressure flow0.9L/min
Low-Pressure flow5.0L/min
Oil typeAntiwear hydraulic oil
whole dimension1200mmx1300mmx800mm
Total weight210KG


1.by express, such as DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX, EMS and so on,Asia within 3 days, middle east and south Africa within 5-7 working days, Oceania within 3-5 working days, south America about 7 working days.the advantage is door to door and high speed, its suitable for small and expensive spare parts.

2.by air, generally within 3-10 working days, its suitable for little and urgent purchase.

3.by land, suitable for border country, such as Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and so on.within 3-5 working days we can send the goods to the border.

4.by sea, the most commonly used and most economical mode of transportation, send southeast Asia about 2 week, send to Oceania about 3 weeks, middle east about:4 weeks, Africa about 30-50 days, south America about:30-45 days, its suitable for container and bulk cargo.

Customer from the world:

Eruope:England, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy

Asia:Australia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Kazakhstan,

Middle east:Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen

Africa:Egypt, South africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, Mozambique

North america:Mexico

South america:Chile and so on.