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The following article helps you to explain the relevant maintenance of bus processing machine:

a: Before using the busbar bending machine, read the manual carefully, turn on the power, and confirm the positive and negative rotation of the motor

b: Add anti-wear hydraulic oil (select brand 46 hydraulic oil, the oil should be clean and free of impurities) C: press the button continuously to determine whether the forming switch is damaged due to transportation

d: The pressure is set before leaving the factory and does not need to be adjusted

e: Put it into the mould to test one by one

f: Every 15 days check whether the screws of each unit are loose and tightened

The bus processing machine has three moving parts: punching, shearing and bending

  1. Apply lubricating oil before work, once per shift;
  2. The worktable and each unit are required to be oiled and maintained before work;
  3. The punching die should be smeared with lubricating oil every 50 working times;
  4. Lubricating oil should be applied to the cutting die every 50 times;
  5. When the bending die works for 50 times, it needs to be rubbed with lubricating oil once;
  6. Pay attention to whether the fixing bolts of each unit and the bolts at the bottom of the oil cylinder are tightened;
  7. Check the oil tank every 3 months to see if the quantity of oil needs to be filled; when the liquid level is lower than or reaches the red line of oil standard, add hydraulic oil;
  8. The characteristics of No.46 anti-wear hydraulic oil will change every 6 months or after 5000 ~ 20000 hours of use, and tend to solidify (thicken). Generally, when the oil is used for 5000 hours or the color of oil turns brown black, the oil should be changed

The above is the daily maintenance of bus processing machine. In fact, many people are tired of maintenance. After a day’s work, they are lazy to maintain the bus processing machine, but this work must be carried out. Regular maintenance will prolong the service life of the bus processing machine. I hope that the users of bus processing machine will maintain the bus processing machine regularly after reading this article