yiwu feiying machinery equipment company. is a joint-stock enterprise integrating the development, production and sales of series of busbar machine equipment, which is mainly engaged in CNC busbar machine, Shandong busbar machine, busbar machine and other products.

Since its establishment,yiwu feiying busbar machine trading company. has developed into a company with excellent quality, stable performance and many varieties with the mission of “committed to human science and technology, driven by current technology” and the guarantee of advanced production mode and strict management Domestic professional bus processing equipment production base.

  • The daily maintenance of CNC bus bar machine

    The following article helps you to explain the relevant maintenance of bus processing machine: a: Before using the busbar bending machine, read the manual carefully, turn on the power, and confirm the positive and negative rotation of the motor b: Add anti-wear hydraulic oil (select brand 46 hydraulic oil, the oil should be clean and […]

  • Brief introduction of matters needing attention when using bus processing machine

    Precautions when using bus processing machine: Stop the machine when changing the mould to avoid danger. During operation, be careful when holding the workpiece and waiting for the slider to go down As the busbar bending machine can be operated by more than one person, a special person must be assigned to direct the production […]


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