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The fault of the busbar bending machine can be divided into circuit fault, mechanical fault and hydraulic system fault. In the process of using, the machine tool fault caused by hydraulic system is common, among which the fault of hydraulic circuit can depend on each other. When removing the fault, we should combine the circuit and oil circuit schematic diagram, carefully analyze and treat it concretely. When removing the circuit fault, we should pay attention to cut off the power supply of the whole machine first.

Cause of failure

Troubleshooting: there is no power supply when the machine is turned on, and the fuse in the distribution box is burnt out. Replace the fuse

Control power supply without electricity, maintenance transformer and fuse

If the air switch trips, close the air switch or replace it

The power supply has power but the motor can not work normally, the thermal relay is overloaded, adjust the thermal relay or replace it, the AC contactor does not contain the brake, repair the AC contactor and control power supply

The motor works normally, but the working position stroke is not executed, the baffle of proximity limit switch is not reset, the baffle of proximity limit switch is overhauled or replaced, and the relief valve is overhauled or replaced

If the solenoid valve does not work, repair or replace it

There is no pressurization in the oil pump, increase the hydraulic oil

The hydraulic pressure has no pressure, and the relief valve is adjusted

Note: the solenoid valve does not work has the following judgments: ①: see if the indicator light of the solenoid valve is on; A. if the indicator light is not on, the circuit is short circuited; B. if the indicator light is on but does not work, the solenoid valve is stuck; ②: if the solenoid valve is stuck, you can use a small cross screwdriver to push the small hole in the middle of the two ends of the solenoid valve inward, left and right, and push it twice respectively Repair or replace the solenoid valve.