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What is the operation principle of the power cut and transmission of the transformer of busbar bending machine? Let’s understand:

1) Before stopping and transmitting power, the neutral grounding switch must be closed, and the zero sequence protection should correspond to the neutral grounding mode of transformer

2) The transformer must be put into and out of service with circuit breaker, and it is not allowed to switch any no load transformer with switch

3) The power transmission operation should be carried out in the order of power supply side first and load side second, and the power failure operation should be carried out in the order of load side first and power side second. It is forbidden to charge the transformer from the low voltage side (applicable to step-down transformer)

4) Before power transmission of transformer, main protections such as heavy gas protection must be put into trip position

5) The cooling device should be started 30 minutes before the main transformer is put into operation

6) Before the newly installed and overhauled transformer is put into operation, it should be switched on five times under rated voltage, and the transformer with replaced coil should be switched on three times. If possible, it should first use the generator to boost the voltage from zero to normal, and then carry out the impulse switching test under rated voltage

7) Before putting into operation, the newly installed transformer and the transformer that may change the phase must be checked by the maintenance personnel to confirm the correct phase and make detailed written disclosure